Google+ Local pages, the business profile pages that replaced Google Place Pages, are a key source of local business information online. I...

Claiming and Optimizing your Google+ Local Page

Google+ Local pages, the business profile pages that replaced Google Place Pages, are a key source of local business information online. If completed 100%, a Google+ Local page provides potential customers with everything they would want to know about your business in one localized spot. Now more search and social-friendly than ever, your Google+ Local page serves as an information hub for your business and helps it index organically on Google and its maps listings when consumers search your business name or keywords. Following are some steps to claim and optimize your Google+ Local page.

The new Google+ Local pages provide more robust information about your business, so it’s important to make sure it’s accurate and complete. For example, your profile page displays basic business information such as your address, phone number, business hours, and a website link, but unlike your previous Google Places pages, your new profile page also serves as a hub for reviews, photos, and videos of your business. If you previously claimed your Google Places page, you already have a Google+ Local page. But, if you did not already claim your Google Places page, or if you did not have a Google Places page at all, you have a little work to do to get started. Once you have claimed and added your business details, familiarize yourself with your Google+ Local page and begin promoting your page so consumers can connect with you there.

Step 1: Create/Verify your Google+ local listing

Go to, log-in using your Gmail credentials or create an account if you don't have one. I highly recommend to have a Gmail account exclusively for your business.

- Read and check mark the Google Terms and Conditions, and click on 'Continue'.

- Search for your business using your business name.

- Select your business from the list. If it's not there, then click on 'No, these are not my businesses. Let me create my business'.

- If you are creating a new business, just fill the fields with all the correct information, CLICK on Submit, and follow the steps.

Step 2: Setup / Optimize your Google+ Listing

Once you select your business from the list, you have to verify your business by phone, postcard, or you can just verify it later. Select verify by phone if available (it's the fastest way). A computer will call your business phone number with a 6 digits PIN.

- Click on 'Continue', and the optimization process will start.

- On this page, we will be able to enter all the information related with your listing (business), and customized you Business Google+ page. Click on 'Edit Information'.

- Business name, Address, Contact info, Category, Operation hours, Photos, and Description are the fields we are going to fill out on this stage. Click on any of the pencil icons to modify that specific field. When you are checking the address, please be sure to place the marker in the correct position over the map, use the Satellite view for more precision. You will have up to 10 categories to place your listing but they must be part of the pop-up list. The description field allows you to include links related with your business, and these links are subject to review. The changes are saved automatically.

- Click on 'Google+ page' from the left column to optimize your business Google+ page.

- A new tab will display your Business Google+ page. Click on 'Change cover' to change the banner used by default. I recommend to use something representative of your business. A panoramic view of your business, or a close-up of your products are ideas that you can use. The dimensions of the top banner in pixels are 2120x1192.

If you have any question, or suggestion, don't hesitate to leave a comment. The creation of this tutorial was inspired by the article Optimizing Google+ Local Pages: A Quick Introductory Guide by Jillian Chopin.

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