On July 28th, 2015 , as part of a general clean-up of unclaimed or dormant pages/listings, Google began shutting down those Google+ pages...

Google Shutting Down Deserted and Inactive Google+ Business Pages


On July 28th, 2015, as part of a general clean-up of unclaimed or dormant pages/listings, Google began shutting down those Google+ pages that have not been associated with user accounts and are also not verified. At the end of the day, this is a good thing that will likely benefit a lot of Google users. With all of the deserted Google+ business page being taken down, users who are looking for a business page will no longer come across pages that haven’t been touched in a while. In other words, business pages that users come across will soon be business pages that are used quite frequently and contain useful, recent information about the business. Also, hopefully putting an end to spam or fake business pages that seem to be found on Google+.
As a business owner, should you verify your Google+ business page?
The jury may still be out on the value of Google+ for personal users, but for small businesses, Google+ can't be ignored. Being on Google+ is a must for any small business because the platform works hand-in-hand with Google Search. This includes potentially ranking higher on search results, integration with relevant Google for Business services, and the ability to draw customers in by providing key business information — such as location and directions, phone number, photos, reviews, a virtual tour and more — right on search pages. Google+ will also let you promote posts, specials, deals and other content to a wide range of audiences.
Using Google+ effectively as a small business is all about having a strategy to attract and engage customers. How to use Google+?
  • Take advantage of SEO value
  • Use visuals
  • Strategically share content
  • Make your posts stand out
  • Actively grow your audience
  • Target your audience
  • Put a +1 button on your site
  • Create a community
  • Ask for reviews
  • Follow other businesses

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Article 1: bit.ly/1JsMltj
Article 2: bit.ly/1JsMVqV 
How to verify a local business on Google?

How to get online with Google My Business?

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