As the world moves towards a more technological age, consumers are always looking for companies that provide top notch services reachable...

Why Google Virtual Tours are Crucial to Digital Marketing?


As the world moves towards a more technological age, consumers are always looking for companies that provide top notch services reachable from their phones. One such company is the multi-giant Google, the leading company behind the most used search engine in the world. Google not only serves the general population but also entrepreneurs that choose to use Google to take their businesses to the next level.

Why Trust Google?
Google is making around $121 million per day only from advertising. Thousands of businesses are trusting Google to advertise with them. This number only continues to grow, because businesses are coming back for more, they would only come back for more if it was worth it.

3.5 billion searches are performed on Google every day. Google has attracted not only entrepreneurs, but also the mass population from all over the world.

Google Maps is the most used smartphone app in the world. More than 60 percent of global smartphone owners used Google's navigation app. Facebook's app ranks second. YouTube and Google+ are ranked third and fourth. This shows Google's dominant role in the mobile marketplace: three of the four most used smartphone apps in the world are Google apps.

We all know the social media giant Facebook. It’s debated that Facebook is its own nation. It rivals incomes of entire countries and even the amount of people using Facebook is greater than the population of some countries. Where does Google fit into this? Facebook can be considered one of the most used websites and most visited websites in the world but it's only surpassed by Google. Google beats Facebook in terms of which is visited more. The most visited website on the entire Earth, is Google.

Google has become such a giant that it doesn’t need to implement this average strategy, they are being innovative and developing new strategies, such as virtual tours and virtual reality. This just goes to show the credibility of Google. The biggest company on Earth couldn’t have gotten its reputation from cheating others, and offering services that didn’t work. They got to the top, by not only providing services that did their job, but providing services that are the best, and can't be matched anywhere else.

What is Google Street View Trusted?
Google Street View Trusted is a virtual tour service started by Google. It uses the same photography technique used in Google Street View in order to offer 360˚ interactive panoramas inside businesses. The virtual tour appears on Google search and maps, and customers can explore your business with premium quality in a 360 degrees environment. “An immersive experience” as users describe it. Business owners also comment that this service is fast, affordable and simple.

Effectively your business will have a virtual tour available for anyone on Google Search, Google Maps, or Google+. It’s an incredibly powerful marketing tool that you don’t have to pay for hosting, or monthly fees. You simply pay the fee of the photographer coming in and taking professional pictures. Using the same technology as Street View, the platform allows businesses to show their ambiance, decor and style to online users in a visually engaging manner. Your customers can walk around, explore, and interact with your business like never before.

Customers will be able to truly experience your business - just like being there! This is the virtual 3D experience Google has implemented and one of the reason why Google maps are preferred all over the world. Bringing this immersive experience to your business, such as a car dealership, customers can explore your establishment, jump inside a car, visit the technicians area, and the parts & accessories shop, all from their phones or laptops. It’s as if they’re already there!

This is an innovative marketing technology tool that is powered by one of the most powerful companies, Google.

The service doesn’t stop there and goes on to express that with this purchase, you can also add your virtual tour to Facebook. So customers can take the tour and explore around from your Facebook page as well. Neat, this service takes advantage of the top 2 most powerful companies on Earth. You can also add this tour to your website, and use it in all your social media. It sounds appealing right?

Is Google Street View Trusted?
Let’s see if this service actually lives up to the hype. Let’s take a look at Hert’s Gym. He says he and his friend were in need of customers and business. They felt that if they could increase their online presence it would help. They called their local Google Trusted Photographer. A week later the photographer showed up, and within a couple of hours had taken some more than a hundred photos. He helped the gym owner choose the best spots to take pictures, and elevate the virtual tour experience with his professional photographing knowledge. The photographer later said to wait, within 4 weeks his virtual tour would be live. It was up in 5 days.

Google virtual tours certainly offers bang for buck. I would argue it offers more than what you pay.

To conclude, Google is always looking for innovative ways to do things creating new products and services. It’s heavily based in the art of helping businesses grow and expand. Now with virtual tours, you can bring customers inside your establishment from the comforts of their homes and phones. Virtual tours certainly work and continue bringing in customers for businesses that have chosen to use Google My Business. Remember that companies using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy.

We can trust Google services because they are unique and specialized. A virtual tour would sound like something very expensive, and available only to corporate companies. Google offers it at a low price, simple and easy to use service, and you can have your own virtual tour available for your customers in few weeks.

With the option to add this tour to your Facebook page, current and potential customers will be more attracted to your business thanks to your innovative marketing strategy. If anyone searches your business, or searches a list of businesses and yours is one of them, for instance they search ‘Clothing Stores’ and your business comes up, it will be the most attractive of the bunch, with a virtual tour and inside pictures ready for your customers. Engage your customers by placing the virtual tour in your website and Facebook page. In the end, this is an innovative marketing tool, and an affordable strategy for local businesses to implement. Digital marketing with unrivaled and proven strategies not only attract and increase the traffic but increase the traffic that actually converts to become your valuable customers.

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